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Bienvenido a Redcap!

REDCap is a secure web platform for building and managing online databases and surveys. REDCap's streamlined process for rapidly creating and designing projects offers a vast array of tools that can be tailored to virtually any data collection strategy.

REDCap provee procedimientos automaticos de exportacion para descargar datos rapidamente a Excel y a paquetes estadisticos comunes (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R), ademas de un calendario de proyecto integrado, un modulo de agendamiento, herramientas de reporte ad-hoc y funciones avanzadas como logica de bifurcación, carga de archivos y campos calculados.

Aprender más sobre REDCap mirando un Video corto de resumen (4 min). Si desea ver otro tutorial en video rápido de REDCap en acción y un resumen de sus funciones, por favor vea Entrenamiento .

AVISO: Si esta recolectando datos para la investigacion con seres humanos, se requiere la revision y aprobacion del proyecto por parte del Comite Institucional de Revision.

Si necesita ayuda o tiene alguna pregunta acerca de Redcap, por favor pongase en contacto con Angel Cedillo.

características de REDCap

Build online surveys and databases quickly and securely in your browser - Create and design your project using a secure login from any device. No extra software required. Access from anywhere, at any time.

Rapido y flexible - Go from project creation to starting data collection in less than one day. Customizations and changes are possible any time, even after data collection has begun.

Advanced instrument design features - Auto-validacion, campos calculados, carga de archivo, y logica de bifurcación/desvios

Diverse and flexible survey distribution options - Use a list of email addresses or phone numbers for your survey respondents and automatically contact them with personalized messages, and track who has responded. Or create a simple link for an anonymous survey for mass email mailings, to post on a website, or print on a flyer.

Data quality - Use field validation, branching/skip logic, and Missing Data Codes to improve and protect data quality during data entry. Open data queries to automatically identify and resolve discrepancies and other issues real-time.

Custom reporting - Create custom searches for generating reports to view aggregate data. Identify trends with built-in basic statistics and charts.

Exportar datos a paquetes comunes de analisis de datos. - Export your data as a PDF or as CSV data for easy analysis in SAS, Stata, R, SPSS, or Microsoft Excel.

Secure file storage and sharing - Upload and share any type of file with anyone in the world through the File Repository feature or Send-It tool. Also works with exports and other built-in file uploading features.

Data-based triggers and alerts - Send real-time alerts and notifications to your team or other stakeholders via email, text, or phone based on certain data being entered or specific questions having a particular answer.

Connect to other resources - Use built-in features (API) to move data to/from your project. Build your own custom software development features to connect your project to other systems.